Conundrum: a confusing and difficult problem or question

In my upcoming book, The Exceptional Life R-Evolution, I talk about the importance of having experiences to learn, grow, and develop the skills necessary to perform our roles successfully. Even more importantly, to continue to improve and evolve how we perform our roles. …

Evolving: Develop gradually, especially from simple to a more complex form

As human beings our most basic purpose is to evolve as a species. We all know through centuries we have evolved to our current state of existence. If you look at any IQ chart tracking the intelligence of people overtime you can easily see the increasing rate at which people are getting smarter. As humans we are growing and evolving with each passing generation. And with each generation we are able to access and use more of our expanded capacity. …

Today I completed writing and editing “The Exceptional Life R-Evolution and set it off to be finalized for publishing. As I move closer to publishing my new book I feel the need to both clarify and further explain the central theme of the book. In reading my title “The Exceptional Life R-Evolution” you might think I’m promising the impossible. You might think I’m saying people can live perfect lives. I am most certainly not!

Perfect: having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be; to make something completely free from faults…

Want to know why I wrote my book “The Exceptional Life R-Evolution”?

I wrote this book because after a year of dealing with the pandemic I knew intuitively everything, and I mean everything was about to change. I felt the shift in my workplace, my employees, my community, and even in myself. The shift to thinking about our lives and how we live and work differently. The shift to thinking about what really matters in our lives. And the shift to needing to take action on these insights and not wait for a future time which will likely never come!

Last year everyone was forced to slow down, and in so doing…

In honor of world breast-feeding week I want to take this opportunity to speak on the topic of the many challenges of being a new mom, especially a mom who is balancing breast-feeding while going back to work! My breast-feeding journey over the last five years has been interesting. My journey started with my son five years ago and he was great at nursing. I started working hard at pumping extra milk for when I went back to work — which meant even less sleep — I would pump in the middle of the night after nursing.

Anyone watching the news cycle during the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo heard probably on repeat 1000 times, in 1000 different ways, told from 1000 different perspectives, about Simone Biles decision not to perform. After practice and performing on the vault Simone developed a case of the “twisties.” A term I had never heard before but learned is when a gymnast loses their ability to sense where they are in the air and as a result it can become incredibly dangerous even resulting in lasting long-term injuries. A great debate, as seems to always be the case these days, inevitably ensued.

Was Simone being courageous for making a decision to step out of the competition in order to protect her own physical and mental well-being and health?


Was she being a coward stepping aside, losing her opportunity to perform at the Olympics, to represent her country, and to do her duty as a gymnast performing on behalf of the United States?

Early in my career I remember distinctly having a conversation with a fellow employee about whether we needed to learn to play golf. We discussed getting lessons and even went one day to the driving range. You see, I work in the technology and industrial arenas where historically all the leaders, executives, and sales people play golf. In fact, my company is a sales organization and we even joke from time to time that sales people really only bring donuts and play golf! (As an aside, I know first hand this is completely false because my husband was in sales…

Technology has reached what we only imagined could be possible and is changing at an exponential speed.

How are we going to keep up with technology?

While participating in the Microsoft Ignite Conference this week, I learned about new technology that most literally blew my mind! I knew this technology was coming. I knew the future of work would eventually become the present. But I had no idea how close this was to reality. These tremendous and exponential changes to technology are coming at a time when the world has already shifted underneath our feet. The past year has transformed how we live — not just how we work. We all want to have the best life experience we can. …

Gallup’s Five Elements of Well-Being

Last week Gallup hosted a Learning Series for Gallup-Certified Coaches with a number of the sessions focused on the topic of Well-being in the Workplace and when Coaching with strengths. These thought-provoking sessions caused me to reflect heavily on my own past with the term “well-being” and my more recent challenges. They provided insights for me to finally begin to really grasp the concepts, what they require, and ultimately what they mean for me specifically.

I personally struggled for years to intellectually understand and make sense of the terms “well-being” and “work-life balance.” Just ask the employees who work with…

In 2019, Experitec’s Leadership Team held Workplace Respect Workshops with every single Experitec employee owner to ensure clarity, alignment, and understanding of the cultural expectations of respect in our workplace. Today, I facilitated this same workshop with the executive team of Novaspect, another Emerson Impact Partner. The irony of conducting Workplace Respect training on inauguration day is not lost on me.

For the past four years, whether or not you liked former President Trump’s politics, policies, and choices, I think most would appreciate his style and approach could at times be quite disrespectful. A quick google search of “Disrespect” and…

Jessica Tietjen

A mother, wife, employee, working woman, leader, strengths coach, writer, and passionate performance advocate. Author of The Exceptional Life R-Evolution!

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