Children are Everyone’s Responsibility


The United States of America gets an F for failing to protect children

Along with every other living, breathing human on earth my heart broke when I saw the news alert pop up on Tuesday. I don’t even have to say what news alert because every person knows which story this week broke our hearts. The story of another school shooting at an elementary school killing far too many children once again.

Can we even be considered a society if we cannot protect our children from such violence, hurt, and pain?

These children who kill themselves or other children, they were not born this way. They were born with love inside and it is this world that stripped it away.

This world that prioritizes achievement over existence, beauty over kindness, doing over being, accomplishments over the person inside. And in so doing, we prioritize that which causes the harm we see on the outside.

For when a child falls short of the expected achievements, beauty, results, accomplishments, and successes they are deemed failures, inadequate, and not good enough. The child is left always struggling, failing, and never really measuring up. Even those with long lists of successes struggle to meet these expectations. But this perception of not good enough is not true. Instead, the metrics with which we measure them are broken.



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Jessica Tietjen

Jessica Tietjen


A mother, wife, employee, working woman, leader, strengths coach, writer, and passionate performance advocate. Author of The Exceptional Life R-Evolution!