Nothing is Perfect, Perfect Lives don’t exist but Exceptional lives do

Jessica Tietjen
3 min readAug 18, 2021

Today I completed writing and editing “The Exceptional Life R-Evolution and set it off to be finalized for publishing. As I move closer to publishing my new book I feel the need to both clarify and further explain the central theme of the book. In reading my title “The Exceptional Life R-Evolution” you might think I’m promising the impossible. You might think I’m saying people can live perfect lives. I am most certainly not!

Perfect: having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be; to make something completely free from faults or defects

Exceptional lives are not perfect lives.

They are not lives free of conflict, pain, challenge or heartbreak. They are not lives filled with perfect jobs, families, homes, and hobbies. Lives like this do not exist. Not one person on this planet lives a perfect life. We all live lives filled with both joy and challenge.

I am not a snake oil salesperson (one of my dads favorite sayings as a kid) and I’m not selling sand on a beach. I’m certainly not trying to convince anyone they can eliminate everything hard or unpleasant from their lives. And, I don’t pretend to have created the perfect formula no one has ever thought of before.

On the contrary, I have found tremendous research, insights, and strategy already exists which can help us be successful on our journey. Many incredibly talented authors, researchers, and thought leaders have come before. Through my research, through my life experience, I have used this knowledge and discovered success and I want to share these insights and stories with you! This book is meant to help you consolidate the many concepts necessary for living a better life, an exceptional life.

What I believe, what I know to be true, is we can live better than we are today. The world is filled with negativity, challenges, and stress. But we have the ability to live our lives differently! Each one of us has room for improvement and the opportunity to evolve! We are meant to evolve — to grow — to progress through our lives. I’ve felt my life evolve and both felt and seen the benefits first hand.

Each time I read my book to edit it, I was reminded once again of a key concept or insight I had forgotten. These lessons aren’t learned after reading them once — they take effort, experience, and an ongoing commitment to living and working differently. I know my book has something in it for anyone, anywhere, in any role. I also know it is just the beginning and not the end! I still must work each day to evolve, to experience the principles, learn new things, and evolve again. And after reading my book — you will as well!

I am passionate about helping people live better lives, exceptional lives!

The path is through evolving our performance as human beings to live in a better way by reaching our peak performance. I hope to start a revolution of people evolving their minds and performance to create better lives — exceptional lives. I hope you will take the time to read my book. I promise you will find it valuable!

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Jessica Tietjen

A mother, wife, employee, working woman, leader, strengths coach, writer, and passionate performance advocate. Author of The Exceptional Life R-Evolution!