The Great Resignation — Why I wrote my book The Exceptional Life R-Evolution

Jessica Tietjen
4 min readAug 10, 2021

Want to know why I wrote my book “The Exceptional Life R-Evolution”?

I wrote this book because after a year of dealing with the pandemic I knew intuitively everything, and I mean everything was about to change. I felt the shift in my workplace, my employees, my community, and even in myself. The shift to thinking about our lives and how we live and work differently. The shift to thinking about what really matters in our lives. And the shift to needing to take action on these insights and not wait for a future time which will likely never come!

Last year everyone was forced to slow down, and in so doing, we were provided the opportunity to see our lives and our experiences in our lives differently. For many, we felt the pull to spend more meaningful time with our families. I’ve heard employees say for the first time ever they ate breakfast with their kids, they were home when their kids got home (not hours later), and they bonded in ways they didn’t want to give up when the world returned to ‘normal.’

Previously, if you were anything like me — we were too busy being busy. Too busy working crazy schedules, trying to get massive amounts of work done, and trying to cram way too many things into one day. As a working mom, I felt like I was failing everyone, all of the time. Failing at work, failing my kids, and failing my life. You know what is crazy? I wasn’t failing at anything… I was killing it at everything, but I couldn’t even see it. I was so blinded by what I was supposed to think, feel, and do that I couldn’t see clearly what I was actually thinking, feeling, and doing!

After living through the pandemic (although arguably we clearly aren’t done yet), I felt a strong sense that I wasn’t the only one experiencing this desire for change, for something different, for something better. I knew we would need to not just change ourselves and our families, but workplaces would also need to change. Workplaces would need to consider creating experiences for their employees that are exceptional, and to do so they would have to change how they approach employee performance and engagement. Workplaces would need to work harder to retain employees and work with employees as people rather than treating them as a cost in the budget to be managed. I also knew that to truly bring about massive change we must also change our communities. Our communities would need new strategies for improving the lives of everyone in our community.

Based on the latest articles on “The Great Resignation” — I was right — the world is changing, workplaces are changing, families are changing, communities are changing! We can either lean into this change and implement strategies to benefit from them or we can choose to resist the changes we are experiencing. I urge you not to resist. I encourage you individually, in your workplace, or in the community to lean into the changes and consider how you might transform your life experience as a result.

In The Exceptional Life R-Evolution, I outline a number of strategies for how to live an exceptional life filled with exceptional work and life experiences. The strategies I discuss are not all new, they have decades of support and research demonstrating their value. But they are strategies that if applied collectively, and fully embraced can bring about the greatest changes to our lives, workplaces, and communities. We can all live exceptional lives in this new world.

My purpose in life is to help everyone live an exceptional life — a life they can look back on, know, and feel was truly their best life. I think workplaces can be a part of this — where employees think “my workplace helped me live an exceptional life.” I think communities can contribute — where people think “wow my community (government, school) helped me live an exceptional life.”

Can you imagine how different the world can be if we all choose to live better lives, exceptional lives?

When I imagine that new world, a world filled with people living their best life — an exceptional life — I see a world filled with joy, happiness, success, gratitude, peace, and love. The world will always be filled with challenges and struggles but how we choose to live our lives determines whether we are able to live an exceptional life. I hope my new book will help many people discover their path, their first step on their journey to reaching peak performance and creating an exceptional life!

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Jessica Tietjen

A mother, wife, employee, working woman, leader, strengths coach, writer, and passionate performance advocate. Author of The Exceptional Life R-Evolution!